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How it Works

Complete three simple steps and receive a free quote. To begin, sign in or create an account.

Step 1: Location

Provide exact address of graffiti to be removed, along with a description and details for our crew to locate the graffiti.

Step 2: Submit Two Photos

This is the fun part. Just snap a few photos and upload them directly to this app.

Step 3: Request a Quote

We'll review the information you submitted and get back to you quickly with a quote. You'll receive your quote by email. After approval, we will clean your property!

It's that simple!

You can submit, approve, and receive a cleaning confirmation entirely on this app. Of course, we're also available by phone if you have any other questions.

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Southern California’s most trusted graffiti abatement, surface restoration and surface protection company since 1997.

We use environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Our award winning approach allows us to profide you a turn-key and worry-free graffiti elimination program that will enhance your property value, eliminate crime, and improve the security of your employees and patrons.

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